Saturday, May 1, 2010

Happy May Day!

Happy May Day! I remember when we used to dance around the Maypole in elementary school...sorry for the poor quality of the photos, but it seems that older photos 'speckle'. I wonder if kids still do this? It seems that a lot of the extra-curricular activities that I participated in as a child are a thing of the past.

I decided to make something light and airy for May, just like the dresses in these May Day photos. I hope you all have a great May and I'll be back in June!


Anonymous said...

Wow, You were even a cute lil kid. Happy May Day.

Mary Lou said...

Sorry....missed that somehow!! The card is really pretty! And thank you for Frank's card. Sooooo cute.

Cheryl said...

Those pics are adorable, and I love that card!