Thursday, June 28, 2007

New Stamp/Card

I so adore this crab! I even bought a party hat the other day that I hope will fit cattywampus on his head for birthday cards! For those that stamp, this is a Gina K stamp.

My NEXT Cousin's Wedding!

My cousin, James, got married this weekend. This is the second of 3 cousins to get married this year! The wedding was very nice but I never seemed to be at the right place at the right time as far as photo ops go! My cousin, Amanda, gave me some of her pictures. Enjoy!

James got Ashley GOOOOOD here...the cake and the icing even went up her nose!

Ashley's a great sport....she got him back too! She's soooo gonna fit in with us!

Here we are all dressed up....

Here's the bride!

Friday, June 22, 2007

More Tagging

I tagged Harris the other day..... was her tag back!! Very clever using a tag in a pocket! I love the paper too as it looks like waves in the ocean!

The Tagging Continues

I tagged Heather last week.....'s her tag back! She used some diamond glaze on the ladybugs so they shine really pretty!

Gift Bag

My hairdresser, Kristal, is the BEST! She reminded me that I haven't baked anything in so long, so while I was off yesterday, I baked her some peanut butter cookies. I had just bought a cookie stamp this past weekend so I made her a little bag for her loot!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Weekend Getaway!

We finally got some rest and relaxation this weekend. We went to Disney, to see Tom's family, and back to Disney. We didn't take the camera out every second...ok, I didn't take the camera out every second, but here are a few pictures of the weekend!

This is me with Chip 'n Dale....

This is Tom at our hotel....

This is Tom's brother JR, and his wife Carol's 20th Wedding Anniversary Cookout party...

This is Tom's nephew, Ben, with a pretty big fish....

This is Tom's Aunt Fay's new dog, Bailey. She's very cute. She actually looks like a polar bear when she runs and her ears are tucked back! She also likes to lick you all over like a lollypop! Aunt Fay is trying to break her of this habit!

Well, that's about it! I'll have more next week after we get back from James and Ashley's wedding! I've been taking a break from cards and scrapbooking but will resume soon!

Friday, June 8, 2007


JJ tagged me last week so I just tagged her back. I love her's so pretty AND cute! I responded with this hula girl that I've only made one card with in the past. I never thought of puttin this sentiment with it until I took a step back and checked my sentiment drawer. I really like the way the coconut bra turned out. I'm so dang glad I bought that SU Creamy Caramel marker from Lori! Here is my tag back.....

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Water From The Sky!

I almost forgot what rain looked like! The grass really needs this and so do the wildfires in GA/FL. Thanks, Mother Nature!

Vacation! WEEEEEE!

We're going to Disney World! EEEEEE! I so need a vacation!

Wedding Bells!

I'M SCRAPBOOKING AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!! My cousin, Jillian, got married May 5. This is my father's brother's daughter's daughter (my second cousin). I am such a photo freak....I can't help it. I took so many pictures that I decided to do a collage layout. I don't like crooked things much so I did it more like a puzzle.

Tagged Again!

I tagged Rebecca the other day with this Stampin Up set I bought (and haven't used much) so I dusted it off and was happy with the results!

Here's her response! I LOVE IT! My friend loves it too....she wants a fishing rod card now! What a great idea for a Father's Day card too!


I tagged Bertha from stamp club and she tagged me the back! What an adorable card!

Here was her response! How cute! I love that A Muse little girl with the flower bouquet...she's very versatile! Bertha, I love how you actually used a tag on the card for the "Tag Swap"! GENIUS!