Sunday, July 22, 2007

Double Snuggle

My friend, Lisa Black, had twins last year. Her husband served with my husband in Iraq. She and I became friends and she still sends me the greatest pictures of her adorable kids! I asked her to send me this picture of the twins as it's just about HILARIOUS! I just got around to scrappin' it today. Aren't they cute? No, he's not blinking....he's really asleep! Boy/man layouts are so hard to do....I have to keep myselft from frillying them up! This is only the second subject I've scrapped for our 2006 book. I'm so far behind. Thank goodness for D-ring scrapbooks!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Misc Cards

Here are a few cards I've completed (I made them at Stamp Club but didn't finish them until I got home). Pirate card is for George's dad (got hurt on his motorcycle), Frog card is for my HUNNY, and Thank You card is for a family friend that went with my mom to her doctor's appointment in Savannah yesterday.

Student Therapists

Here are 2 cards I've made for our Student OTA and our Student PT that are finishing up their clinicals with us....good luck Gregory and Autumn!

Co-Workers Rock!

It's been a world of staffing changes at work since January...I have had a lot of co-workers to pitch in and help me while I was looking for the right person to come and join us. Here's what I gave them to thank them for all their help. I also made them a thank you card each containing their favorite color and the initial "T" for thanks. Thanks girls!