Saturday, April 26, 2008

My First Festival!

Sorry I've been gone so long....this is what I've been up to for the last few months! I've been feverishly stamping cards to participate in The Midway Art Festival. I sold 45 cards in 3 1/2 hours. MANY people browsed. One man told me to keep up the good work because cards are very important to people, especially when they come in the mail at the right moment. I think he must have been a stamper in a former life because I think that's one reason we do what we do! I love to brighten people's lives with my passion. Two ladies from Jacksonville were really fun customers. They shopped and talked about crafting! One young girl (who behaved JUST like I did when I was small...mature for her age and very well-behaved) bought a notebook from me with her OWN money from her OWN wallet. One little girl was with her grandmother and she asked her grandmother to buy her a notebook. It was so neat to know young people liked my stuff too! I really hope everyone that purchased something from me enjoys their loot!

My mother made my basket covers....aren't they just to die for? I
had 5 offers for them and at least 4 others just inquiring about them. She's famous now! Oh, and one of my stamping friends has asked me to ask her if she'll make her some too! She made them every night after working all day and they fit wonderfully! My yellow ribbons gave me a FIT to tie perfectly. No ribbon tied the same.

All in all, it was a wonderful experience for me. My friend, Parul, encouraged me to sign up for this shindig. My stamping friends and co-workers were very supportive by keeping me motivated over the last few months. My friend Suzi let me borrow her jade ring so I had good luck. My mom helped me pick out my setup (a several week long venture) and sewed all week long. My mom's friend, Mary, came by to help me get some ideas and put her stamp of approval on things. My friend, Patty, encouraged me and helped me out today. My husband taught me how to pitch a tent for the first time, put up with the house looking like Hallmark had thrown up all over, and helped me create my display of dangling cards. The owners of The Midway Gallery, the vendors at the festival, and the patrons were very nice and I saw a few people I haven't seen in quite awhile. I'll leave you with a before and after picture...

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