Saturday, January 26, 2008

Stickles Are Out, At You Spica Glitter Pens from COPIC Are In!

These pens ROCK! They contain micro glass flakes that add a shimmery sparkle to your paper! They have twice the writing length of other pens, 360 yds! I guess that's a lot?! One thing to MUST store them horizontally, not vertically or they will die! If you don't want to fool with glitter glue, this is the toy for you! I no longer leave home without mine. They come in many colors but I find that the clear one is the one you can't go wrong with. I'm entertaining a black one for my Cat's PJ's stamps and for my Vegas bunny! I bought mine from Ellen Hutson's website but A Muse Artstamps has them for sale too! I'm not sure that you can see the sparkle in this card but I posted it just in case! It FLOORED ME!

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Sandi said...

Hey, I think that new STAMP store, daydream, will be getting those spica pens in soon!